• Engineering & Design Unit

    This section is working in the field of research and
    development of design of different industries especially
    automobile industry by employing experienced staffs,
    CAD, CAM and FE software, an archive of Latin technical
    books and handbooks.

    Activity Scope
    Radtoos Co. is proudly cooperating with well-known manufacturing companies in the country and is ready to
    receive research and production projects in the following fields.
    Automobile industry
    ✔ Designing and manufacturing of gauge and multi-gauge.
    ✔ Designing and manufacturing checking fixtures (CF).
    ✔ Designing and prototyping automobile components and assemblies.
    ✔ Designing and start up production and assembly lines of automobile components and assemblies.
    ✔ Designing and manufacturing of machinery and equipment for testing and controlling vehicle components
    and assemblies.
    ✔ Applied research in the automotive industry to improve the process and quality of production.

    Other industries
    ✔ Prototyping of precision and complex components in military industry.
    ✔ Manufacturing of precision parts related to the power industry.
    ✔ Manufacturing of different industrial parts for bach production.